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Boronia and The Basin Community News (BBCN) is excited to announce their support of an initiative to encourage young writers to share their articles. We invite current students living and or learning in Boronia and The Basin, to submit original unpublished pieces of writing to the initiative. BBCN will publish some of the submitted articles; the writers of the published articles will each receive a gift voucher. A grand award will be presented in December for the primary and the high school article judged to be the best for the year. There is a total annual award value of $400 for both primary school and high school articles, and $400 will be granted to the schools attended by the grand award winners. Those schools will hold a perpetual trophy for the duration that one of their students is the current grand award titleholder. The schools must be within the Boronia or The Basin postcodes.

Guidelines for writing, and details of the assessment criteria have been shared with schools within the BBCN circulation area and are summarised on this page. There is no prescribed format or theme, other than that submissions must be no more than 400 words and be an original piece authored by the submitting writer. Writers must be studying at a primary or high school. They must either live in the BBCN area (Boronia and The Basin), or attend a school in this area. Submissions can be fiction or non-fiction, creative, analytical or poetry. The aim of the initiative is to provide incentive for young people to write and share their works.

Submission requirements:

Submissions are invited from all students up to and including Year 12, living or enrolled in the BBCN circulation area (Boronia and The Basin).

Submissions must be limited to a maximum length of 400 words.

Entries must be submitted digitally through the Young Writers Submission Form as PDF, JPEG, or PNG (physical paper articles to be scanned or photographed).

All entries must be the original, unpublished work of the entrant – no copyrighted material. The article can be an extract from a school assignment, but should be complete in its own right on the submitted form.

Open to all subjects and themes – though entries should be appropriate for general community readership.

One entry per participant per year.

How to enter:

Upload your entry at:

Assessing your entries:

Entries will be assessed on overall impact, originality, creativity, flow, structure and grammatical correctness by a panel of experienced volunteers from the BBCN editorial Committee.

Terms & conditions:

The judges’ decision will be final, and no correspondence will be entered into.

Entry into the Young Writers Initiative confers permission to publish the entry in BBCN, with permissions as described on the submission form. Copyright remains with the writer.

When submitting your entry, you will be asked to include some contact information relating to our ability to communicate with you, and to secure your consent to publish your article (with parent or guardian support).
We respect your privacy and do not use this information for any other purpose. We do not share any personal data with any other organisation, other than for the purposes of publishing your article.

If you have any questions, please email us at


Please remember that submissions must be limited to a maximum length of 400 words.


Thank you for your contributions.

We hope that this encourages you to continue your writing and that the experience of publishing your work provides you with confidence to seek other writing opportunities throughout your life.

The KidsZone Team at BBCN

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