Boronia and The Basin Community News

Boronia & The Basin Community News



We always have Vacancies!

It’s a fact of our newspaper life.

Papers need to be delivered near the end of each month, except for December, as we have no printed paper for January. If a Driver  is away or unwell, we arrange coverage for their round. Can you help? If so, please do get in touch  –  –  thank you.

We need two new Walkers for the Central Avenue/Henry Street area (160 and 190 papers), and a new Walker for the Mercia Avenue/Bayview Cres area (52 papers). if you would like to help with any of these rounds.

We are always pleased to hear from members of our community who are keen to give something to that community.

Heaps of roles are going on behind the scenes in order to get this paper out each month.

As well as delivering papers, a huge amount of voluntary work operates behind the scenes.  The paper has to be produced, which means gathering information, securing advertising, maintaining finances, prioritising content, graphic design, website and facebook maintenance, maintenance of Volunteer listings, and organising the delivery and distribution of papers to Walkers by our volunteer Drivers.  All this is done on a voluntary basis, and amounts to more than 2000 hours each year.

If something there looks like it could be for you, do contact us and we can explore possibilities.

Use the Contact link at the top, or just email us at