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The King of Havertown – our April winner

Dominic Tina (Grade 6)

This story explains the origins of Havertown’s fabled king Zenith.

Zenith sprinted out his small wooden home “bye mother!” he yelled as he ran past, he sprinted down the gravel path to the city “Havertown” Zenith was in fact a tour guide.

Zenith was unfortunately late, he bolted through the bustling streets full of merchants, stalls and of course people. When he reached his workplace the “museum” he saw a long queue of customers all complaining at the poor security guard named Bob “please folks Zenith will be here soon!” Zenith then passed the corner “here!” the infuriated crowd and Bob stared at him with laser eyes. “Ok…” Zenith muttered to himself and so they entered the museum.

When they entered the enormous museum Zenith saw a bright red and obnoxiously shiny dragon egg. “Well…” Zenith thought to himself “what if I stirred a teensy tiny bit of trouble… Yoink! He stole the egg! Alarms began to wail; Nee Naw! “Uh oh” Zenith said jaw gaping open. Not long after two burly guards chased after Zenith, thinking sharply Zenith again started to scuttle and bolt! After a few very well calculated turns Zenith, now very “puffed” skedaddled out of there!

Zenith walked out just in time to see a very angry mob protesting “out with the rubbish king!” they yelled, the king sat lazily in his bed not giving a single concern, Zenith had two decisions he could run away or do the right thing and help the protesters . I believe you know what he chose?

“Fine folks of Havertown I hear the complaints you are all yelling out extremely loudly!” Zenith began a speech “That so why I believe very deeply we need a better king so that’s why I suggest down with the king!” “The crowd now very riled up yelled “Zenith for king!” “Let’s vote Zenith for king! The crowd picked up Zenith. He was so happy then cried tears of pure absolute joy. Afterward Zenith unknowingly dropped the egg (plot twist!) hatching a wonderful baby red dragon.

Now if you ask anyone in Havertown they will tell you Zenith is a handsome, smart and all in all brilliant king with a red dragon that he totally didn’t steal. What a wonderful story Zenith went from a thieve no one knew to a prideful king what a grand story.

December Award Winners

Maya, 12 yo, year 6, Boronia Heights Primary School

❤️  Family Poem,  ❤️

Family isn’t who brought you into this world, 

It’s the people who care. 

The ones who stick with you. 

The ones that laugh with you, 

and the ones that comfort you when you feel as though you could never
laugh again. 

The ones that make every struggle worth it 

and all those small victories that little bit more special. 

They are the ones that make it worth it. 

They’re the special someones  who, even on the rainiest of days, 

help you find that little ray of sunshine that you can hold onto 

until the rainbow appears. 

They are our family.  ❤️ 

Hanna Knowles, Year 3, Boronia Heights Primary School

A long time ago girls could not be accepted for many jobs. This is a story set in the 1930s when there was a big war in Europe.

One day in a little cottage there was a kind small family, one little girl called Rose and two lovely parents, Sara and Archer. It was the time of the war and Sara really wanted to fight while Archer wanted to stay home and look after Rose. But back then it was the opposite, men had to fight for their country and women had to stay home. So that’s how they had to go on. Archer fought for their country and Sara had to stay home and look after Rose.

A few days later Sara could not take it anymore. She spent days making everything she needed to go to the army. After the preparations she told Rose to stay safe and headed off. She got to the place where you signed up. She dressed up like a man. They accepted her but they still seemed suspicious. As soon as she got to the base, she told Archer to sneak out and go home to look after Rose. So that’s what they did until one day she got spotted. It was a quiet afternoon and there was a new soldier. Sara went up to the soldier and asked what his name was. As soon as he heard Sara’s high pitched voice he shouted out loud “she’s a girl! this is unacceptable.” Guards came rushing out grabbing her on the legs and arms. Everyone was shouting. But Sara had had enough. She shouted in her biggest voice “stop I have had enough of this nonsense! I think girls should be able to do what boys do and I will stay here until you think so too.”

After that day, people respected everyone equally. Sara got to fight for her country. Archer got to stay home and look after Rose. And when Rose was grown up she was a firefighter. She was always thankful for her mum and dad because if her mum had never stood up to those people she may not have been able to do the job she wanted.

November Award Winners

Panna C and Jorja J from The Basin Primary Year 4

“How The  Platypus Learned How To Fight”

Panna C

October Issue Winning Entries

Lucas and Sophie S from The Basin Primary

October Issue Highly Commended Entries

Lexi - The Basin Primary

Emmy - The Basin Primary

Ryan R - The Basin Primary

Jaxson T - The Basin Primary

September Issue Winning Entries

AN OCTOPUS ALL AT SEA – Ava, Year 4 Boronia Heights Primary

Recently, in the town of Mirabella there has been a horrid flood and everyone had to stay home! Unfortunately that meant all those poor kids were stuck doing remote learning!

One ordinary morning, Twelve year old Sally Connolly woke up at exactly6:37am, to get a glass of water from the kitchen only to find an……..OCTOPUS IN THE SINK!!!!

What is that doing in the sink and more importantly what are myparents going to say!” Sally had no idea what was happening. She ranas fast as her tiny, still asleep legs could go, to wake her parents hopingthey wouldn’t faint! Sally made it to her parents room and immediately screamed “THERE’S AN OCTOPUS IN THE SINK!” Sally’s mum and dad looked at Sally with a confused look on their faces. At first, they didn’t believe her. She couldn’t wait to get them downstairs, so she tugged and dragged her parents down the stairs to the kitchen where a large, pink smiling Octopus was waiting for them. “ holy chalupas!” Sally’s mum (Holly) screamed while Dave Sally’s dad whispered underneath his breath “mmh calamari!” while licking his lips!

They had to do something about the Octopus? They couldn’t set it free due to the floods. Dave’s face went from cuious to excited “we could have calamari for dinner!” He blurted. He immediately grabbed a knife and looked at the Octopus. Its large eyes looked back, watching as he approached. Dave suddenly stopped. He softly said, “it’s too hard, it’s looking right at me!”. “Let’s just have chicken for dinner.”

There was simply nothing they could do except keep it in the sink, at least until they figured things out. While the Connollys were pondering in the kitchen, the Octopus was watching them and screamed out with a funny accent, “Will someone get me some food?” Everyone immediately at the Octopus, stunned. “Whlooked at the heck” they screamed, almost at the same time!

A few minutes passed, while the Connolys stood staring at the Octopus, With dropped jaws, in pure silence. The Octopus spoke again, “where are my manners? My name is Callum, and I just recently escaped from Mr. Fredrickson (a private collector of rare animals) and ended up here. I am very hungry.” Sally quickly moved, looking for something to feed the Octopus. The rest of the Family started to chat to Callum. Eventually, the Octopus returned to the mr. Frederickson. The Connollys had the most interesting few days getting to know Callum and no one would ever believe their story off course.

THE SPACE ADVENTURE – Darcy Giles The Basin Primary, yr 1

Once upon a time there was a family. The family’s names were Darcy, Sadie, Finn, Mum (Abbie), Dad (Michael) and a dog named Scout and they wanted to go to space. So, one day they hoped in their car. It was a long drive and flight to get to NASA. They were finally there. They snuck into the next rocket. They found a lot of spacesuits they quickly put them on. It was time to count down 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 ,5, 4, 3, 2, 1 blast off. It was so fast that they fell over. They were so far away from the sun! But they were getting closer, closer and closer, they were so close to the sun now. Their foreheads were burning so hot that they had to lay down they were about to land but there ran out of petrol. So instead they crash landed on the moon. They had to hop out of the rocket to find some supplies to help them get back to Earth. Then a little alien came out of nowhere he said “if you give me twenty moon rocks and I will take you back to Earth.” They had no choice but to agree. They found twenty of the best moon rocks because the alien said. Then he said “hop in my UFO and took them back to earth. And they lived happily ever after.

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