May issue


 Our sincere thanks go to Srinivasa Brundavanam, a Volunteer of many years, who has now retired.

The following walking rounds are available, if you can assist or would like more information, please contact us at

Permanent Walking rounds currently available are:

 The Basin:

 1) Doongalla Rd, Simpsons Rd, Milleara Rd & part Sheffield Rd (inc) Salvation Army Farm: 60 papers


 1) Boronia Mall: Approx. 125 papers

2) Lorraine Street, Dawn Street, Lynette Street, Stewart Street  (small part), Albert Avenue (small part)  180 papers

Temporary rounds currently available:


1) Rathmullen Road, Dixon Ct, Gertonia Rd (part): 118 papers (this one is for 6 months)

2) Genista Avenue, Sundew Avenue, Iris Court, Herbert Street, Cardiff Street, Devenish Street (part),

Rowson Street (small part)  175 papers  (this one is for a few months)

Temporary / Casual walkers or drivers:

 If you can assist with any deliveries on a casual or temporary basis, we would love to hear from you through

 Please note these are voluntary positions.


Main Duties:

  • Maintain up to date list of Walkers and Drivers, and numbers of papers required.
  • Attend the delivery of the papers each month at The Basin Community Hall, organise into lots and oversee the collection by the Drivers.
  • Prepare distribution lists for Drivers
  • Liaise with Walkers and arranging coverage for those absent.
  • Report to monthly Committee Meeting.

Qualification, Experience

  • Basic knowledge of Word and Excel.
  • Enthusiasm for volunteering.