Getting out from under…

Just one year ago, we could hardly have imagined the situation from which we are just emerging – but not completely.   A few mild restrictions to reduce the risk while much of the rest of the world is being beaten down by massive casualties.

We are the “lucky country”.

Our cover picture is from one of our Summer Series Concerts in the Park, growing in popularity amongst both performers and patrons. The beautiful Triangle park is a drawcard for the local community, especially on a sunny day, and the free Summer Series concerts are popular with both public and performers. It’s a bonding experience, sitting out on the grass, maybe with kids, or neighbours. Then along came Covid (apology to Ray Stevens) and suddenly music in the park was off the menu  When the first panic over Covid came it seemed to many to be as overblown as the lyrics to Stevens’ 1957 hit.  When the first wave subsided it seemed the complacent doubters had got it right.   Covid 19 was retreating:

Then came the next wave and the rules and regulations were piling up almost as quickly as the casualties.  Suddenly we were faced with the kind of restrictions that would normally come from a criminal conviction. Just short of being incarcerated, we had extreme limits on what we could do (stay home) and the stats were piling up along with the penalties.

It wasn’t quite fully bipartisan, but it was close.  How much more admirable did our politicians become when not point scoring or opponent bashing.  How inspiring to see them listening to the science instead of their political machines. If only it could last.

With luck and determination we may yet get the chance to gather in the park for a picnic with music – it won’t be November and it probably won’t be December, but let’s all aim for a new year of hope to the sound of music.

I went by the park today and it was busy with families having a picnic, with parents sitting in the shade and watching their children, with a community coming together to relax together – socially distanced of course.

John Mortimore