Moving in to Boronia

– a fresh start

After 20 years living in Knoxfield, moving to Boronia didn’t seem like it was going to be much of a change.  But the unique ‘small town’ feel has drawn us in and made us feel like proud ‘Boronians’ quite quickly.

Abundant in a variety of small and large businesses, Boronia has all the hallmarks of a self-sufficient town, not just a suburb. From the iconic Australian flag on the hill, to the old school Cinemas, the family friendly parks and the modern eateries and many places to get support and help in times of need – Boronia has a bit of everything for everyone.

After downsizing to a smaller more manageable place, we started looking for ways to settle in and contribute. 

I grew up in Melbourne after migrating to Australia with my family from Cuba in 1972.  My parents told us we were very lucky to be here and I have always thought they were right.  Giving back and celebrating cultural diversity, human kindness, courage and generosity are some of my passions.

I look forward to being your eyes and ears on the streets bringing you stories that are unique to our area and that celebrate what makes Boronia and The Basin places not just to live, but to grow and celebrate.

Analy Alfonso