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Life-changing sleep


Friday, 2 June 2023

Felicity describes her family’s experience with Council’s sleep and settling program as empowering and life changing.

She and husband Adam heard about the free program through their Maternal and Child Health nurse and the family attended one of the free sleep education sessions.

The program allows you to really understand your child’s capabilities and helps you understand what their cries mean,” Felicity says.

It empowers you as parents to be able to feel like you have the tools available to help him.”

Council invites parents and caregivers who live in Knox to attend the sleep and settling program, which offers age-specific education sessions to parents/caregivers of newborns up to three months old, babies aged 6-8 months and toddlers 12 months and older.

Felicity says her child is now able to go to sleep by himself at home and at creche.

It’s been extremely comforting for us to send him to the centre where we know he has the skill he has learnt that we were able to support him to learn,” she says.

It’s credit to this program that we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in.

It is life changing because being sleep deprived is extremely challenging. It changes your relationships across the board. You’re trying to be a good mother and a father to two other boys and you’re sleep deprived; sometimes you feel like a different person.

This program helps your child learn to sleep; gives them a skill. It helps your relationship with yourself, your spouse, your other children, your family, your health and your ability to work.

For me it was life changing to get us back on track.”

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