The “Boronia and The Basin Community News” has recently received a grant from Knox City Council, under the “Community Development Fund”.  This grant will assist us in expanding our online presence so that we reach more of our community with both General Interest and Public Interest journalism.  Our submission was entitled “Engage, Enlighten, Encourage, Expand”.


Knox has a population of some 154,000 people.  Currently we distribute over 12,000 hard copies of our paper each month.  Our objective now is to engage with a far larger audience through an increasing online presence.  We have already started this process through our website and our Facebook page. 

Every month we have great information to share, which provides a source of enrichment to our community.  This grant will enable us to become increasingly effective in engaging with people, in enlightening them with news and useful information, in encouraging them both as individuals as community.

John Pernu