How I learned to hate Telstra…                  

Everyone it seems has a sorry tale about a telco or two. The usual solution to a service complaint is the ubiquitous “…turn off your computer then turn it back on” and it mostly works. But for a real problem it’s the musical chairs of various ‘technicians’, few of whom are easily understood.  Only the sales people seem capable of grasping the problem and applying a solution that works, well almost.

It’s been a month now… a whole month with no emails in or out!  When most of my work involves emails this is not a happy situation.  Campaigning?  Sorry, no time. I’m waiting for a robot to return my call.  No, I’m not kidding.  Several times as I struggle through this electronic wilderness I have been referred on to a robot.  Like the sales people, the robot is sympathetic and helpful sounding, three or four times I have even been promised a solution.  I’m not sure quite what the solution is but the robot sounded very hopeful.  Each time it has promised me redemption with “I’m sending you an email..”

Well, that’s nice… an email.  Emails can be very useful, but I’m not sure how this will work when the problem is that I cannot send or receive emails.  The robot has cheerfully signed off, solution imminent, before I have time to explain this dilemma.

Another few hours I will never see again, but I live in hope.  Meanwhile, a five minute setup solution is “”

My sincere apologies to all those who have tried to email me in the past month and yes, a month gone now since the big storm, the falling trees and instant darkness…

When the lights came back on in four days, Telstra was gone and the long wait began.  Life is too short to spend it waiting on ‘smart’ machines.