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More people are shopping online and ethically!

At Etiko we make only organic, vegan and fairtrade clothing and we have noticed that more people are buying our brand during the pandemic than ever. We have had an increase in sales (28% up on last year), enquiries and engagement from new customers and welcomed back many old customers during this crisis and it fills us with hope. While half the world has been asked to stay at home to save lives, it seems shopping habits migrate from the streets to the couch. So what is the difference in how people shop when they shop online as opposed to hanging around shopping malls and strips?
Well, we’ve considered two possibilities. People buy less but more considered, if you think about the amount of temptation for seasoned shoppers, in a fast fashion outlet bookended with sale tickets and ‘the paradox of plenty’ the allure of low prices can lead to more items in the basket for the price of peanuts. So if we take the fluorescent lighting and pop music out of the equation and move to the lockdown couch we’ve fewer distractions and potentially the ability to stay focussed and think about the social issues attached to fashion and clothing manufacturing and not buy anything that clashes with our values. Too much clothing has plastic in the fabrics as well as the packaging, fast fashion is renowned for textile dumping and modern day slavery. Sure it’s nice to treat yourself and loved ones, but it doesn’t have to be a cheap thrill! People are tuning their behaviour to match their beliefs. Organic food and clothing is important, it means no chemicals in the farming or the processing. Organic also means no petrochemicals which can be found in rubber soles, vinyls and sometimes fabric dyes. Organic is irrefutably better for the environment and better for the makers. Fairtrade certification is important because it requires a living wage be paid to everyone in the supply chain, not just the sewers, even the farmers and couriers. Many brands say they are ethically made but unless they are certified you honestly cannot be certain everyone is getting paid correctly or that it’s 100% organic. Vegan is another issue with clothes, animal products can be found in glues, fabric dyes again and we’re talking about hooves and skins. We hope that given the time and the acute focus on ‘what does the future look like?’ has inspired more people to live more ethically. We’re cooking at home more, spending more time at home with family and focussing on comfort as opposed to heels and neckties. Ethical fashion is all of our futures and Etiko are the leaders in this field- 15 years of doing no harm, organic, vegan, fairtrade and recycled/compostable packaging. Etiko are a B-corp business, Social traders certified, FairTrade, GOTS, Received a Human Rights award and consistently achieve an A+ Accreditation in the Baptist World Aid fashion report. We think it’s so important to do the best we can that we created a Guide to Ethical Living for our newsletter subscribers too!! Boronia Mall, Dorset Square For more information or details contact Sally Cunningham:

Keep Australia Beautiful Week 2020 17-23 August 2020

Keep Australia Beautiful Week is held late August each year to raise awareness about the simple things we can all do in our daily lives to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage action. Don’t forget to share your photos, success and updates on social media using #KABWeek2020Facebook: @ keepaustraliabeautiful Twitter: @ KABNAHQ Instagram: @ keepaustraliabeautiful