Boronia & The Basin Community News


Boronia will benefit from a $500,000 Suburban Activity Centre investment to support the community, to undertake projects such as minor infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, community activities and local business activation. The injection is part of a $6 million investment in suburban and neighbourhood centres announced by the Andrews Government as part of the Building Works stimulus program – creating local jobs for more locals, to help them through this tough time. Boronia, along with Melton, Tarneit, Reservoir, Lilydale and Noble Park will share in $3 million provided for suburban activity centres. The $500,000 investment will be used to help improve the local areas through on-ground works including upgrades to parks, public spaces, increased lighting, public art installations and new footpaths and bike paths. Mr Taylor will be working closely with Council to deliver an exciting project and will keep the community informed every step of the way and will continue to advocate for further investment for Boronias activity centre. Local shopping strips will share in a further $3 million provided through the Neighbourhood Activity Centre Renewal Fund, providing grants of up to $100,000 to stimulate business activity, support local economies and improve public amenity and accessibility during the coronavirus pandemic. Knox is among 31 local government areas across Melbourne that will benefit from these works. Mitchell Shire is also part of the program. The Victorian Government will work with local government, business and the community sector to deliver the initiatives. Councils are encouraged to put forward projects that are ready to launch. The Victorian Government has invested more than $9 billion towards protecting Victorians from the health risks and economic effects of the coronavirus pandemic. Mr. Taylor welcomed this investment to kick-starting the improvement of the Boronia CBD and that he is excited that this journey has begun. More information about the Neighbourhood Activity Centre Renewal Fund is available at https:// neighbourhood-activity-centre-renewal-fund Applications for the fund will close on Friday, 21 August 2020.

How We See Ourselves!

I spend some time every day walking for my general health. A lot of times, I walk by a tree-lined creek, listening to the bird life, smelling the different smells, saying ‘hello’ to others using the path, and generally I am enjoying myself or sorting myself out! We have an ongoing problem with graffiti artists who believe they are enhancing the walls and fences in the area, but who mar the environs for others. However, one day recently I saw some positive messages pencilled on the pathway. The first one said – “Keep hydrated!” The second and third messages were positively reinforcing – “You’re beautiful!” and “Be proud of yourself!” It is amazing how it makes you feel, when someone encourages you in this way. I feel that these young people, and that is who I think is passing on these messages, want to suggest to us how much better we would feel if we were to encourage and uplift people including ourselves. It is easy especially at this time of isolation and restriction to feel hate for the world and all those in it that don’t want to help our communities stay safe, and also a time when we can feel depressed and down on ourselves. But we are not alone even if sometimes we feel we are – there is always someone who cares about us, even though we find it hard to believe that. That person is God.