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Bob and Barry and an Electric Wire - they Live to Tell the Tale

On my morning walk along Forest Road, The Basin, it was Tuesday 23rd June and I came across Bob and Barry Valentine who looked in shock and excitedly told me of a large tree fallen across Forest Road, The Basin. Their eyes were bulging with shock as they explained that the tree had pulled down a 240 volt electric wire and both of them had been whipped by the wires and survived, one on the face and the other on his legs. They survived because the wire was severed on both ends otherwise they would never have lived to tell the tale. One of them then said that they immediately started to direct traffic away from the danger-local heroes indeed. Reminds me of a well-known song with a few changes to the words: “Bob and Barry and an electric wire, Merry, merry men, their pants weren’t on fire Laugh, Bob and Barry, laugh Bob and Barry Gay your life must be! The tree fell right across the road blocking all traffic in both directions and power was off for some residents all day. The first fireman on the scene was Allan Small as he only needed to walk to the scene from home which was only 30 metres or so away. The fire trucks from The Basin were unable to open their electric doors to let the trucks out to attend, so other fire trucks attended the scene first. Well done Bob and Barry and all the emergency services who attended on the day! Another job well done! Lynette Hayhurst